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Welcome to 3LPlace!

We’re building exciting opportunities and a warm, diverse community that embraces neurological differences and encourages self-determination.

3LPlace supports individuals with intellectual and developmental challenges who are on a journey of life-long learning.  Together, we are:

• Exploring community and what it means to be part of oneHeaders 2018 Table.jpg
• Expressing creativity
• Thinking more critically
• Exploring careers
• Supporting job choices and placement
• Becoming more aware of body/mind connections and fitness
• Practicing the life skills we need to live successfully in our choice of housing, and in the community.

Our members include people living with autism, Down syndrome, and various other challenges. Diagnosis isn’t important; what our members have in common is their readiness to grow their abilities and choose a path to a meaningful, gratifying, healthy and connected adult life.

Modules for index page.jpg3LPlace offers a ground-breaking and highly individualized modular programming structure. Our members decide what they want to explore based on their own interests, goals, timing, and budget.

We begin by building a thorough understanding of each individual, particularly about their interests and passions in life. We believe that those personal interests can be harnessed to accelerate self-determination, independence skills, friendships and social behavior.

Our menu of day, evening and weekend programming is based on our unique 3LPlace Curriculum.  The Curriculum, a comprehensive and ground-breaking blueprint for change, was developed by a collaborative writing team guided by experts from Tufts, Lesley and Harvard universities as well as educators, clinicians and agency staff, and people living with disabilities.

3LPlace, located near vibrant Davis Square, on Somerville, MA, came about through the efforts of a group of parents seeking more options for their own maturing children. These parents knew first-hand that for too many young adults with developmental disabilities, reaching the age of 21 means losing the support and services that make continued growth possible.

Licensed services through the MA Department of Developmental Services include Community Based Day Supports, Employment Supports and Adult Companion services. If you choose to self-direct your DDS program, we are happy to help you with your program design.

We also offer transition supports and services for young adults.  We accept government and school funding as well as private pay members, and some scholarships are available.


This just in … 

3LPlace's guide to American Political Parties is featured in a CNN Election Day report on autism and voting.
The guide, developed by 3LPlace senior developmental specialist Michael Bowman, offers a five-point rating scale suggesting where candidates of either party are likely to stand on issues.

3LPlace welcomes Cariann Harsh

Our new Chief Operating Officer is Cariann Harsh, an educator with a deep commitment to fostering self-determination and person-centered care.

Cariann has worked on improving the lives of individuals with disabilities for nearly 20 years. As Director of the Autism Division in Massachusetts, she created a participant/family directed autism waiver program, the only one of its kind in the nation. Read more.

Emory University in Atlanta, one of the world's leading research universities, has identified the 3LPlace Curriculum as "comprehensive" in a guide published by its School of Medicine Autism Center.  They wrote: "This project provides a framework for understanding the variation in functioning in individuals, the Curriculum enables educators and service providers to develop individualized goals, learning plans and supports that meet the unique needs of each individual."

We are honored!  And we offer huge kudos to our development team, particularly leader writer and concept developer Elana Himmelfarb.

Is 3LPlace right for you? 

Download our brochure, Choices in Life Learning, for more information. Or share it with a friend!

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